Data privacy

I take the protection of your personal information very seriously and adhere strictly to the rules of data protection laws. Personal data are collected on this website only for technical purposes. In no case will the data be sold or passed on to third parties.

The following statement gives an overview of how this protection is guaranteed and what kind of data is collected and for what purpose.

Data processing

Any access to this website is automatically logged in server log files based on information submitted by your browser.

The storage of this data serves exclusively system-related and statistical purposes in anonymized form.

Looged informations are:

- Browsertyp/-version

- Operating system used

- Referrer URL (previously visited page)

- Hostname (IP Adresse)

- Time of server request.

These data cannot be assigned to certain individuals. These data is not compiled with other data sources.

Additional personal data is NOT collected.

Web-Analysis doesnt use any Web-Analysis-Tools and therefore no methods are used to analyze the behavior of website visitors

User data

All information that is entered on the website by the user, such as addresses, names or coordinates are processed and stored exclusively in the browser.

Only in in case of searching for addresses or coordinates these are anonymously sent to the Geocoder (Google).


The Frontend of this web page was hand made by Joerg Koepp by using the html editor WeBuilder 2010.

As special font the Open Type Font Merriweather is used.

All pictures, graphics and icons used on this web page were created by Joerg Koepp

In order to make this Mashup running the Google MAP API V3 and Google Panoramia API are used.

At this point, many thanks to all voluntary (and involuntary) testers!